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From 7th November 2011, the non emergency number for contacting the Police will be 101.This is a national number so it can be used anywhere in the country and you will be connected to the Police for the county you’re calling from. If you live close to a county boundary you will be given an option for which police force you want, for example, ringing from Dunham on Trent is likely to give you the option of selecting Notts or Lincs. The system recognises the location of mobiles so they work in the same way. The cost of the call from mobile or landline will be 15p regardless of the length of the call. This change has come about following a national survey in which 54% of people said they did not know the number to contact their local Police, therefore everyone will now have the same number – 101.
Church Winter Lights  The sponsorship of the external church lights has been offered by members of the village for switch on in October 2017.  Lights were installed on 30th October, set to operate daily from dusk to 23:30 hrs.   On Christmas Eve and New Years Eve the lights will stay on until approx 02:00 hrs on the days following.   As a matter of interest the lights were used from October 2016 to end of March 2017 and used just short of £20 worth of electricity all due to the change over to LED lamps from the previous halogen lighting about two years ago.  Without those changes the electricity bill for the same period would have been nearer to £200
Church External Lighting for winter of 2018
Could you sponsor the lights for next winter ?
If the answer is YES then please contact Parish Clerk