Standing Orders
STANDING ORDERS FOR MEETINGS  Meetings will normally take place on the third Tuesday of each month. The Annual Parish Meeting is to be held in April. The Annual Parish Council Meeting is to be held in May. A minimum of 3 days notice will be given for meetings. Correspondence will normally be looked at by the Chairman prior to the meeting. An agenda will be distributed by the Clerk before the meeting. Meetings can only take place if there is a quorum of 1/3 of Councillors Present (3). Meetings will be chaired by the Chairman or if not available by the Vice Chairman, or if not available by an appointed person. All attendees at the meeting will be recorded. The minutes of the previous meeting will be passed. Business will be dealt with in categories in an orderly fashion. All proposals will be proposed and seconded. All decisions will be voted upon, with a decision being binding. Any interest in matters should be declared.