ED Parish Clock
The Parish Clock failed in August 2019 when the South facing dial mechanism suffered bearing failure allowing the gears between the Hour hands and Minute hands to un-mesh.  This applied an exessive load on the drive train which resulted in stopping the clock from operating. When inspected it was concluded that a lot of repair work was needed to put the clock back in operation. Efforts were made by Trustees of the Parish Clock Fund to obtain a cost to do repairs and if a scaffold became necessary for access to the clock hands this work would be expanded to include repainting of the clock faces and dial fittings. Several quotations were eventually received and it became clear that the work was to be very expensive plus the inclusion of erecting a scaffold for access. Here we must explain that the clock belongs to the residents of East Drayton and although it is fitted into the church tower the Church has no responsibiliy for maintenance of the clock. The Church requires us to apply for a Faculty (permission) to erect any scaffold and work on the exterior of the church fabric, this requirement is in process at this time (February 2020). Funding for the repairs is another issue, requests for grants have and are being pursued currently but the progress is slow.  A letter has been sent to every household and business in the village asking if the residents could donate funding towards the costs of these repairs (after all the clock belongs to the villagers and was erected in the church on the understanding that maintenance cost would be bourne by the village community). On our behalf the Parish Council has donated a sum towards the cost and our District Councillor Shirley Izard has donated £400 from her Councillor funds.   Nottinghamshire County Councillor John Ogle has kindly donated of £600 from The Councillor’s Divisional Fund. Some residents of the village have dug deep and given very good donations but we would like to see a more general response.  We have todate received donations from 60 residents of East Drayton out of 105 properties.  A number of businesses in and around East Drayton have given very generous donations so it is now down to residents to dig deep and help get the project started.  We need to raise a further £2000 to cover all work and scaffoldiing cost so that the work can commence in July 2020 when all permissions are granted. Subject to current pandemic Without funds to complete the project we will have to look at a clock in the centre of the village forever telling the time of 11:55  This is your community, please rally round and support us to repair OUR CLOCK.
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