Welcome to the Parish Council & Village website East Drayton is a small village with a population of less that 300 which has its roots in the farming community but has changed over the last five decades with the redevelopment of many of the farms into residential properties. East drayton is positioned approximately 9 miles east of Retford and 15 miles west of Lincoln.  The village is set out on four roads, Top Street, Low Street, Church Lane and North Green meeting at a cross roads on which is centered the Anglican church of St Peter.
This web site is sponsored by the Parish Council and was created to inform residents of East Drayton on the workings and decisions taken on their behalf.
Our Mission : The Parish Council  aims to improve the quality of life for East Drayton and pledges the following:   Provide high standard and cost-effective services to help meet the needs and wishes of local residents.   Engage in open dialogue with the residents to understand their needs and together, work out how it can address these needs within the resources and powers available to the Parish Council.  Actively pursue a representational role.  Work together with all sections of the community.  Work with others to achieve the Parish's communities' needs and aspirations.  Pursue excellence through continuous improvement and innovation.  Engage in the protection of the environment within the means of the Council. East Drayton Parish Council will endeavour to encourage and promote the best social and environmental practices for the village of East Drayton by managing services, assets and the resources of the Parish Council for the benefit of the local community.
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