Parish Clock
The Parish clock is in the western tower of the church of St Peter in the centre of East Drayton.    It was installed in 1898 at a cost of £1200 raised by the villagers, to celebrate the jubilee of Queen Victoria.    Permission to install the clock in the Parish Church was obtained subject to East Drayton residents being responsible for its maintenance.   Below are photographs showing the clock faces and their position on the tower and an old photo dated around 1880 showing the church approximately 19 years before the clock was installed.  In the foreground of the photograph note the lady looking towards the church.  The fourth photo shows scaffold erected for maintenance of the clock faces in 1992 - with Brian Freeman climbing the scaffold. The mechanism is by John Smith & Sons of Derby and time keeping is regulated by a weighted pendulum.     It provides gravity strike on the hour only - struck on the tenor bell.    When the church bells are rung, the hour strike mechanism is disabled from the ringing room.    From the original installation the clock required winding by hand every seven days.  This procedure was repeated by various individuals from the village until year 2000.   A record exists of the maintenance and winding activities from 1972 to 2000. The two dials face to the south and east and have black roman numerals and hands on a white face and are mounted below the belfry windows.   The dials were painted in May 1953 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd on June 2nd 1953.    The clock faces were further painted in 1987 by the landlord of the Bluebell Inn. The manual winding system was converted to automatic electric winding  as part of a millennium project in year 2000 at a cost of £2,879 secured through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme from Wren Environmental.   The clock mechanism was removed, overhauled and converted by J Ablott of Scunthorpe. The Clock Fund is supported by the Parish Council and is used for maintenance of the clock and mechanism.
Dedication of the Jubilee Clock at East Drayton 16th July 1898 as reported in the Nottinghamshire Guardian.
Aug. 2020