Church Yard
The churchyard covers an area of 1.094 acres or 0.454 hectares and surrounds the church on all four sides. The maintenance of the grass and border hedges is carried out by volunteers from the village over the spring and summer months. David Littlewood has volunteered to strim around the grave stones
Rota for Cutting Church Yard Grass - 2018
If dates as listed are inconvenient please contact Janet Goddard Tel.  248613
24th - 26th March Michael Pitts & Neil Stanley
14th - 21st April Liam & Janet Goddard
23rd - 28th April Nigel & Elaine Hempsall & Laura & Neil Spink
30th April - 5th May David Allen & Paul Anderson
14th - 19th May Steve & Wendy Hill
21st - 26th May Paul & Oliver Taylor
28th May - 2nd June Hugh Mackintosh & Malcolm Goodman
4th - 9th June Graham Every & Julian (The old Harrow)
11th - 16th June Stephen Bennett & Frank Norton
18th - 23rd June Stuart Morris
25th - 29th June Ian Stephens & Brian Squires
2nd - 7th July Nigel Hinchliff & Tony Kirkham
9th - 14th July Derek Brumpton & Glen Thelwell
23rd - 28th July Matt Maddison & Steve Thacker
6th - 11th Aug Nick Parkes & Martin Hudson
13th - 17th Aug Paul Anderton & Craig Mabbott (wedding 18th Aug)
27th Aug - 1st Sept David Jopling & Steve Hillditch
10th - 15th Sept Pickersgill Family
24th - 29th Sept Graham & Derrick Small
8th - 13th Oct Michael Pitts & Neil Stanley